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Posted On May 8, 2010

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This has been a long time coming ( two weeks…), but I finally have the time to write something! I think it would be weird to start right off without ANY info about me. I like to read politically themed books. Noam Chomsky, Thomas Friedman, Ethan Watters, Megan Whalen Turner among numerous others, are my fave authors. I “play” a sport, crew, which no one has ever heard of. Here’s my club’s website in case you’re interested,, we are awesome! I’m the little person who steers the boat (among five million other things) , a.k.a. coxswain (pronounced “coxin”). Hmmm… I don’t think there is anything else important to say… Oh yeah, I like spicy food ( mostly allll food =] I should considering I’m half Indian).

To start thing off, here is a link to a very interesting article that I think applies to more and more people now-of-days, Though I’m not as “tangled up” as the author, I still have some problems like the one’s she does.

My mother is American and my father Indian(which subsequently makes me an “other” on all forms and such). I was born in Massachusetts and am stillll here. So what does that make me…? You can weigh in, but please be civil and polite. Thanks!